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Common terms

Generally, we accept your ad in PDF format (PDF 1.4; Acrobat 5)
We are working on PC platform. We use Windows 7 operation system.
When archiving use ZIP, 7z and RAR archivators.

We don't understand *.SIT (Macintosh platform).

All objects used in your module (including linked images) must agree with following terms:
CMYK (for color), GrayScale (for grayscale halftones), Bitmap (for b/w).
We accept:  *.TIF and *.EPS image formats.
Black texts must be colored with the pure black (C0M0Y0K100).
We also take *.JPG (JPEG) of maximum quality (minimal compression: 10—12 in Adobe Photoshop).
The image resolution must not be less than 200 dpi.

We don't recommend you using any images taken from Internet because of their low resolution (72dpi as a rule).

Along with module it is desirably to send us color printout  (scaled to 1:1), or, by e-mail, a copy of module in JPEG or PDF with a fair degree of  resolution (150 dpi ) or well-discerned screenshot, as well as your notes (existing objects with Overprint, Pantone colors etc). We will transfer your Pantones to CMYK color space though.



To get fairly proper printouts use the following settings in Photoshop:
First, you may use the default settings in Photoshop:
Settings: Adobe RGB. RGB Color Space — Adobe RGB (1998); CMYK Color Space — U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2.
Or, more correct for our paper and inks (also use it as 'proof preview'):
CMYK: Ink Colors — SWOP (Newsprint); Dot Gain — Standart 30%; Separation Type — GCR; Black Generation — Medium; Total Ink Limit — 240%; Black Limit — 95%; UCA-amount — 0%.
Please inform us which CMYK profile you use doing your artwork.

Also you may download and use our CMYK-profile, adapted for the newspaper printing industry.


If you use page-layout software

We don't accept your ad in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress,  Freehand, etc.
Please export your artwork to PDF.

As exception, we take Adobe PageMaker publications.
It is necessary to send us all fonts used in your publication.
All raster images in PageMaker must be included in publication (link option\Store copy in publication), but not be linked.
Graphics must be in CMYK with the resolution of 200 dpi or more.

If you work with vector graphics software

Please export your artwork to PDF format.
As exeption, we may take CorelDRAW (*.cdr) file (any version). Please convert all fonts to curves.


If you use raster editor (Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, etc)

We accept raster files in two formats: *.psd (with layers for possible future corrections) and *.tif.
Attention! To avoid pixelization small texts (less 10 pt) rasterized modules should be created with 600 ppi at least. Or, we can not guarantee high quality text reproduction.
Don't use white text on color background if font is less than 12pt. The same issue is valid for any colored small text.
Please rasterize all text layers in your artwork (Layer>Rasterize>Type).


Preparing PDF

We accept your artwork in PDF version 1.4 (Acrobat 5).
PDF document size must be exact equivalent to ordered module (140х207, 140х100, 92х100 mm, etc. — see price-list).
Any white margins are not appreciated.
Images must be in CMYK of resolution at least of 200 dpi.
All fonts must be embedded or being curved.
When source is not in Russian, customer has to send us 2 files:
- original PDF (or readable screenshot, or JPG),
the same ready PDF but without any texts (only composition and design - we'll put there Russian translation).
In Acrobat Distiller you may use default Press Quality setting or the following:

Compatibility: Acrobat 5.0 (PDF 1.4); Resolution: 1200 dpi;
Images (Color & Grayscale): Downsample - OFF and Compression - OFF, if images are in JPG and of proper resolution.
Otherwise — Downsample: Bicubic Downsampling to 240; ZIP, Image Quality: Maximum.
For monochrome leave the default settings (1200 ppi, Compression CCITT Group 4).
Fonts: Embed all fonts; Subset 100%.
Color: Setting file None; Color Management Policies: Leave Color Unchanged.
Combined (not separated into CMYK plates).

Please flatten transparency and embed fonts!

Keep in mind, that PDF-file is ready for layout (we cannot edit it), therefore thoroughly verify texts, grammar, phones and so on.


All questions send please by E-mail
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Palstan leveys 44 mm
Sivun korkeus 460 mm; leveys 315 mm
Rasteritiheys: Sanomalehtipaperilla. 40 lin/cm (100 lpi)

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